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Education  Certifications  Computer Languages  Operating Systems Development Tools

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Diploma of Technology in Computing - Science Option                         May 87 Camosun College        Victoria, B.C.

A 2 year co-op style program with an applied computing project during the second year.

First Year Courses : Introduction to Computers and Computer Programming using Pascal, Computer Concepts, Introduction to Electronics, Technical Mathematics for Computing, Matrix Algebra for Computing, Principles of Management, Applied Computer Programming, Introduction to Computer Achitecture and Programming, Introduction to Digital Systems, English Composition, Financial Accounting - an Overview, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Computer Calculus.

Second Year Courses: Systems Analysis & Design, Data & File Processing with COBOL, Applied Computing Project - Preparation, Microcomputer Interfacing, Programming for Technological Applications, Software Engineering, Applied Computing Project - Analysis, Data Base Concepts, Real Time Programming, Data Communications Systems, Computer Operations, Applied Computer Project - Implementation.

Advanced programming in ‘C’                              1994   University of British Columbia -

Diversity training (dealing with cultural differences and different personality types)2003 Ajilon Consulting


Microsoft™ certified in Programming in C++      Step Technologies  Portland, OR

Bachelors Degree in Information Technology - certified by the Foundation for International Services, Inc.

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See www.brainbench.com for more details on these certifications.

Boating Safety             1986-7     Saanich Peninsula Power & Sail Squadron

Computer Languages

C (16 years), VC++ & C++(6 years), HTML, VB, Unix Bash & K-shell script, Visual Fortran, SQL(4 years), Modula-2, PASCAL, Javascript, CSS

Operating Systems

Sun Solaris UNIX, WINDOWS 3.1 - Windows 8, Linux (Ubuntu, Suse, etc), Windows NT Server, MAC-OS, MS-DOS.

Development Tools

MS Developer Studio (VC++, MFC, STL, ATL, VB, VSS, COM, ODBC, ADO), MAPI SDK, TCL/TK, WIN32 API, Visio, GNU (C, C++, Xemacs,DDD), VI,  Polytron (PVCS), WATCOM C, Rational (Rose, ClearQuest, XClearcase, XDDTS, PureCoverage, Purify).

Software Packages

Office Packages - MS Office, Open Office, Libre Office, Star Office, Corel (Wordperfect) Office, Lotus Notes. Website Tools - Dreamweaver, Frontpage, FileZilla, NVU, FTP Explorer, WS_FTP. Firewalls and security - Zone Alarm, Windows firewall, Kaspersky, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy. Graphics - Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, ACDSee, Picasa, Paint. Email - Outlook, Eudora, Outlook Express, Kmail, Evolution, Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Exchange Server. File Compression - Winzip, PKZip, 7-Zip, ARJ, BZip, Tar.


MS Access, Oracle, Watcom SQL, DBase III+, RBase 5000, Open Office Base.

Foreign Languages

Some Spanish, some French.

Other job skills

Technical Writing (manuals, help files, bulletins, newsletters), Business Analysis, Object Oriented analysis and design, GUI design, mentoring junior programmers, teamwork, hosting workshops and technical seminars, training users in groups or one-on-one, technical support, high level or detailed problem analysis and resolution, unit and regression testing, application support in a production environment, hardware assembly, network cabling.

Special Interests

Internationalization of software(dynamic date/time/currency notations), WHMS, GIS, database design and interfaces, air traffic control applications, scientific and engineering applications, MS Outlook forms, SNMP.

Current Studies

DHTML, JAVA, CSS, .NET(VB, VC++, C#, ADO, ASP), PHP, Network security, linux administration, client-server methodologies.

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