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                            Webmaster          December '97 - present

                            Consulting           October '98 - Present

                            Non-Consulting   October '87 - February '98, Sept '04 - Present


A computer professional with over twenty years of experience in all phases of the systems development life cycle for a wide variety of application types including graphics, database, user interface, engineering, and object oriented on WINDOWS, UNIX, linux, and DOS platforms. One year as a staff manager responsible for a group of eight consultants. Nine years of technical support resolving hardware (computer, printer, scanner, and plotter) and software issues by phone, internet, and client site visits. Five years as a computer consultant on a variety of projects for satisfied clients.  Seven years as a webmaster for both profit and non-profit organizations. Ten years running a mobile computer repair service providing hardware and software troubleshooting, data recovery, computer sales and upgrades, computer tuneups, home and office network setup, website and graphics design services, tutoring in a wide variety of computer applications as well as the care and feeding of a computer (general computer maintenance), and advice on ergonomic issues with computers.

Details are given below.

Webmaster/Web Site Design experience

September '04-Present
Webmaster for CompuDoc Consulting
May '14-Present
Webmaster for Janet Brons
January '06 - '08
Webmaster for Turner Hope Institute
May '06 - '09
Webmaster for Dyslexia Victoria
March '06 - '09
Webmaster for Arbor Fence Inc
March '04 - '09
Webmaster for Watson Wheels
January '04 - '09
Webmaster for Bryn Mawr Bears
December '03 - June '04
Webmaster for Garden Creations
December '03 - June '04
Webmaster for Images Now
December '99 – Jan '02
Web Site Design for James River Blues Society.
April '98 - October '03
December '97 – June '99
Webmaster for Tres-Or Resources.

Consulting Experience

Consulting for ITI International Technologies Integration Inc

March - June '07   Onsite Technical Consultant

Traveling consultant representing a Victoria-based transportation software developer to their US based client. After 1.5 days training at head office, traveling to the south eastern United States to assist in deployment of software updates to Windows CE mobile devices located in a bus fleet and computers at the clients head office. Duties included:

August - October '06    Consultant

Verification of hardware and software inventory on replacement computers for a provincial government ministry. Supervision of hardware installation staff during hardware replacements. Identification and resolution of issues involving missing or misconfigured software on replacement workstations. Project involved over 1000 workstations and laptops.

May - July '06   Consultant

Hardware & software inventory phase of a workstation upgrade project for a provincial government ministry. Technical analysis of collected data and preparation of ARF documents for the next phase of the project. Project involved over 1000 workstations and laptops.

Consulting for Ajilon Consulting, Inc.

June '02 - June '03    Staff Manager

Staff manager for 8 Ajilon consultants working in the same area. Participating in bi-monthly performance and salary reviews, acting as an advocate for consultants as needed.

April '00 - June '03     Consultant

Duties included software development and maintenance according to the requirements of the client for a particular project. See each project description below for details.

CPDLC1a  Project      April '03 - June '03     Computer Systems Analyst   Client (an FAA subcontractor) located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications - a secure, dedicated, private messaging network designed to eliminate verbal miscommunication of crucial messages between pilots and air traffic controllers by printing them out in the cockpit on a teletype-style device.

CTAS Project          Computer Systems Analyst         May '01 - March '03 Client (an FAA subcontractor) located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Aircraft arrival scheduling application hosted on Sun Solaris workstations and based upon a working NASA prototype

IIM Project              Computer Systems Analyst                   Jan '01 -  Mar '01 Client located in Westminster, CO

The addition of internet email capabilities to the Windows NT version of a multi-platform proprietary telephone messaging application.

Liquid Solver project               Computer Systems Analyst             April '00 -  Dec '00 Client located in Carlisle, PA

COM component to perform water distribution system analysis/ hydraulic engineering simulations.

Consulting for IMI Systems Inc (IMI merged with Ajilon in early 2000)

Exchange-IBM Project       Computer Systems Analyst                    Oct 98 – Mar '00  Client located in Lynchburg, VA

Email gateway application to convert email messages between NAILBA format text-only messaging (used by some field offices) and IBM mainframe & Outlook email messages at the main office.

Non-consulting Experience

Compudoc Consulting                          Sole Proprietor                   Sept '04 - Present

Owner and proprietor of a mobile computer service that provides on-site diagnosis, repair, and upgrades to home and office computers (Windows, MAC, & linux), tablet and smart phone setup, network hardware and software setup, document template development (letterhead, faxes, invoices, etc), tutoring in a wide variety of computer-related subjects, graphics & website design, email client setup (including signatures, stationary, spellchecking, thesaurus, multiple languages), multimedia file editing & conversion, desktop publishing, and custom programming. As chief cook and bottle washer, all other business activities are also the responsibility of the proprietor, including advertising, office forms (invoices, faxes, envelopes, business cards, etc.) design and printing, bookkeeping, etc.

360 Surveillance                  Technical Support Analyst                         May 05 - Oct 05

Evaluating release candidates of new drivers and core software for stability, functionality, completeness. Developing and maintaining test scripts(tcl/tk), supporting clients with hardware and software issues, setup of hardware and software for demonstrations and training purposes. Setup and administration of a linux server.

Gemcom Software International Inc.         Programmer/Analyst       April 89 - February 98  

GEMCOM is a world leader in the field of developing software applications for the mining industry. These applications are designed  to support the exploration, design, and ongoing operation of open-pit, underground, and block-caving mine facilities. The applications have a complex user interface and extensive database interaction, with sophisticated engineering algorithms to analyze exploration and geological data.

Dynapro Systems Inc.     Programmer/Analyst                                 Oct 87 - Dec 88

Dynapro specializes in real-time applications for industrial process control, case-hardened computer hardware and office software running on a real-time operating system.


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